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The Same Thing / Slow Motion


The Same Thing / Slow Motion owes its existence to a comment someone made about my work: "She is still, after all this time, doing the same thing..." The two 'sculptures' are identical : both trace the outline of one segment of the Invertible Cube by Paul Schatz (see also:'invertible cube'). The lines seemingly 'touch' each other but do so in a slightly different place in both forms - a difference which is only measurable with regard to their position in space. Rounded lines in relation to each other look identical, no matter where on their curved surfaces they touch (see also: 'a real line'). In the movement of the spectator around the two forms they behave like one form and its shadow.



Each line is defined from different aspects as a result of its positioning / embedding in the surrounding space. The same line can be defined as vertical from one angle but diagonal from another, or diagonal from every angle etc., or a line can be curved from one aspect but straight from another. Later, in Parallel Diagonals, I tried to further enlarge and lay bare contradicting properties a single straight line can embody.





balsamodels of the edges of one segment of  the Invertible Cube by Paul Schatz and their shadow

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