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The Circle is the Infinitive.

It exists before I draw it, or even think of it. It is the Mother Image - hovering aboveFrom it forms emerge.

Where is the origin of the circle / where is the origin of my knowledge of the circle? Are these two, or in fact one and the same 'thing' or 'event'? Does the knowledge of a circle require the knowledge of any other thing / does its existence depend on things? Is it in itself entirely free from sensual perception / what is the relationship between the idea of the circle and my senses?  In how far is it founded in the material world? Is a circle the origin or the result of movement? Has the idea of the circle got a physical foundation / is its existence linked to gravity? Is there a borderline between the idea of a thing in the context of my thought and an object in the context of reality? Did I learn of the circle's existence? Did I discover it by experience? Perhaps by seeing the moon as a child?  When as children for the first time we draw a human being - we draw a line which closes in on itself / a circle from which four lines emerge - but how do we find this circle? Do we 'simply' intuitively know?  "An a priori intuitive idea the origin of which cannot be established through reason."- ? Can the thought of a circle itself be called an experience?  Does the idea of the circle emerge individually / does it form part of our 'collective consciousness' / does the centre of the circle represent the 'Self' (C.G. Jung) ? Both, Jung and the quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli, sought to understand the link between the physical world and the psyche; Pauli likened the nucleus of an atom with the Self ("the totality of the psychic, as the conscious plus the unconscious").

Carving is to offer the circle from within and without to all of my senses, to show it to and to involve my whole being; to run it through my body, my thoughts, language and knowledge, my emotions. When I carve and pulverised wood fills the air that I breathe, gritting my teeth, I am inside the wood,  I am inside the Circle. 

DSC_0108 8.JPG

"A true idea is situated in the context of thought exactly as is its object in the context of reality." - B.Spinoza

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