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My work over time has become pure experiment - I no longer intend to make sculptures. The work / the experiment needs the work in wood only up to a point - when a limit is reached or something is unanswerable, or a thought emerges in the process and becomes independent from the piece. The wooden thing is not the result. Yet this thing in the end is all there is for a potential audience to look at. The relationship between the work and the audience has become problematic. The work must follow its own inner necessity. 


I do not give it a finish that makes it look like 'the sculpture to be looked at', because these shapes are inherently unfinishable. It has become more difficult to say when a piece is 'finished' - as they are inherently unfinishable.  This has only come about as a result of examining the cubic volume itself - by looking at what is given within it. And to know that these givens are ( or must be) the foundation of whatever shapes I used to make in the past (out of rounded lines), or other shapes I intend to make in the future. Everything I make must exist within this cubic volume.


Examining this volume itself is like crossing a border behind which objects - as complete and final things- do not seem possible. Shapes out of rounded lines and shapes based on the cubic volume itself are of two completely different kinds of status of 'objects', yet appearing within the same space. A separation of the volume into what it itself shows (about itself) (something infinte), and what it can carry (as a result?)(something finished / final). 


Or: to observe how information is 'put into' or added to this volume, and on the other hand how the information of the volume itself determines the shape that is 'put into' it. Can one say that information is 'added' to a volume by thinking of a shape and then carving it from the cubic volume? Is it possible at all to say that one can make something within it that is not already contained? Not in the sense of pre-existence at all, but as  apowerful force of the givens which shape anything one might want to do according to their own rules -?

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